FTIR spectra DDW, DI D2O 2-22-2012

<p>FTIR spectroscopy 2-22-2012:</p> <p>Scanned three samples of DDW, each opened on a different date (9/6/2011, 1/17/2012, and 2/16/2012). We expected to see a difference because of possible atmospheric absorption of D2O. What we found was they were all pretty much the same.</p> <p>Scanned the four types of DI water Anthony is currently using in his current DDW5 experiment (see link). The four types of DI water are: 1) DI from the Easypure RoDI (Thermohe) machine in our lab, CHTM's DI, Sigma molecular biology grade water, and Sigma double purified water. The results are surprising.</p> <p>Scanned two samples of D2O one from a newly opened bottle (2/16/2012) and another from a much earlier opened bottle (11/1/2011).</p> <p>See my blog for a complete discussion about the process and the results.</p>