FIGURE 8 in Two new frogs of the genus Platymantis (Anura: Ceratobatrachidae) from the Isabel Island group, Solomon Islands

2018-05-23T22:04:54Z (GMT) by Brown, Rafe M. Richards, Stephen J.
FIGURE 8. Comparisons of complete calls of sympatric P. parilis (A: 22.1 ° C) and P. neckeri (B: 22.3 ° C). Included are 1250 – 1500 ms audiospectrograms (top panels: frequency in kHz vs. time in ms) and oscillograms (bottom panels: relative amplitude vs. time in ms). Note invariant structure and internote interval in P. parlis (A) versus complex, alternating note structure and declining internote interval across the call of P. neckeri (B).