External Electric Field Effect on Fluorescence Spectra of Pyrene in Solution

2016-02-19T12:04:07Z (GMT) by Hung-Chu Chiang Nobuhiro Ohta
Electrophotoluminescence (E-PL) spectra, i.e., plots of the electric-field-induced change in photoluminescence intensity as a function of wavenumber, have been measured for pyrene solution. At high concentrations of pyrene where excimer fluorescence is observed along with the monomer fluorescence emitted from the locally excited state, both excimer fluorescence and monomer fluorescence are enhanced by application of electric fields. The results show that the nonradiative decay process at the excimer emitting state is decelerated by application of electric fields. It is also found that molecular polarizability of pyrene excimer is larger than that of pyrene monomer in the ground state by ∼270 ± 90 Å3, based on the analysis of the Stark shift of the excimer fluorescence.