Expression of a tRNA encoded by

<p><b>Copyright information:</b></p><p>Taken from "A spontaneous tRNA suppressor of a mutation in the nuclear gene required for stability of the chloroplast mRNA"</p><p>Nucleic Acids Research 2005;33(10):3372-3380.</p><p>Published online 9 Jun 2005</p><p>PMCID:PMC1148173.</p><p>© The Author 2005. Published by Oxford University Press. All rights reserved</p> () Design of primer extension experiment using ddNTPs, showing the WT and mutant versions of tRNA (CGA)-1 (). The anticodon is underlined and the point mutation is shown in bold. The horizontal arrows represent the 3′ part of the primer, and numbers to the right predicted product sizes in nucleotides, which are terminated by hydroxy (–OH) or dideoxy (–H) nucleosides. The asterisk indicates a putative methylation site discussed in the text. (). Primer extension assay without or with ddNTPs, as indicated across the top. The arrowhead indicates the -specific band. Total RNA from cells with WT tRNA (CGA)-1 was derived from CC-124 (WT; lanes 2, 8 and 14) and CC-406 (; lanes 5, 11 and 17). RNAs carrying the mutation were isolated from the following strains: R1.670 (lanes 3, 9 and 15), R1.670.5 (lanes 4, 10 and 16), R1.670.cw15.12 (lanes 6, 12 and 18) and R1.670.cw15.22 (lanes 7, 13 and 19).




CC BY 4.0