Exploring the Clustering Effect of the Frailty Survival Model by Means of the Brier Score

2016-08-03T04:27:56Z (GMT) by Robin Van Oirbeek Emmanuel Lesaffre
<p>In this article, the Brier score is used to investigate the importance of clustering for the frailty survival model. For this purpose, two versions of the Brier score are constructed, i.e., a “conditional Brier score” and a “marginal Brier score.” Both versions of the Brier score show how the clustering effects and the covariate effects affect the predictive ability of the frailty model separately. Using a Bayesian and a likelihood approach, point estimates and 95% credible/confidence intervals are computed. The estimation properties of both procedures are evaluated in an extensive simulation study for both versions of the Brier score. Further, a validation strategy is developed to calculate an internally validated point estimate and credible/confidence interval. The ensemble of the developments is applied to a dental dataset.</p>