Experimental data - characterising a printable flexible strain sensor

2018-01-24T17:22:45Z (GMT) by Khaled Elgeneidy
This file contains the experimental data generated from testing a flexible strain sensor, when integrated to a pneumatic bending actuator, at different input pressures. Both the flexible sensor and bending actuator were directly printed using an FDM printing process.

The data includes:
- Sheet 1 (Repeatability analysis): testing the sensorized actuator repeatedly at variable input pressures of 12, 14, 16, and 18 psi.
- Sheet 2 (Bending calibration): 501 samples from testing the sensorised actuator at an input pressure of 18 psi for training, and another 550 samples at input pressures of 16 and 20 psi for validation. Each sample is an array containing the readings from the printed sensor and onboard pressure sensor, with the corresponding bending angle from the vision system.

The related article is available in Loughborough University's Institutional Repository.