Experiment dataset supplementary materials for DLfM 2018 submission

2018-06-18T04:46:40Z (GMT) by Rong Gong Xavier Serra

This is the experiment dataset supplementary materials for the DLfM 2018 paper submission:

An extended jingju solo singing voice dataset and its application on automatic assessment of singing pronunciation and overall quality at phoneme-level


  1.  dlfm_experiment_dataset_file_list.ods: recording file names of train, validation and test sets split.
  2.  dlfm_experiment_dataset_phoneme_numbers.ods: phoneme numbers of each phone class in train, validation and test sets.
  3.  freesound_extractor_feature_list.ods: freesoundExtractor features used in ANOVA feature analysis.

The recordings listed in dlfm_experiment_dataset_file_list.ods are taken from a collection of jingju solo singing voice audio datasets, which contains three parts:

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