Example carrier sequencing fastQ data set for CarrierSeq

<div>fastQ files with preserved headers containing channel information. The multiple files must first be combined into a single FastQ file prior to analysis (e.g., cat *.fastq > all_reads.fastq). Concatenated md5: 26ce52582bfcf24c41082ef44224107c</div><div><br></div><div>0.2 ng of B. subtilis DNA prepared with 1000 ng of Lambda DNA using the Oxford Nanopore Technologies ligation sequencing kit - LSK-SQK108.The library was then sequenced on a MinION Mark-1B sequencer and R9.4 flowcell for 48 hours and basecalled using ONTs Albacore v1.10 offline basecaller.</div>




CC BY 4.0