Evidence of the Validity of the Scale of Attitudes towards Reading: ERAS-Br

Abstract To obtain evidence of validity and reliability, the Brazilian version of the Elementary Reading Attitude Survey (ERAS-Br) was applied to 335 elementary school students. It was identified that multidimensional structures with two (Academic Reading and Recreational Reading) or three (Recreational Reading, General Academic Reading and Academic Reading Assessment) factors and one factor of second order are suitable to the ERAS-Br. Both the measure as a whole and the factors showed a satisfactory internal consistency. A test-retest procedure with an interval of 2 years and part of the sample obtained sufficient or good stability coefficients. Overall, the attitudes toward reading tended to be slightly positive, but declined in the 2-year interval. Although the ERAS-Br has good validity evidence based on the internal structure and reliability, the fact that the attitudes toward reading become less positive over the years is worrying. Further studies are recommended.