Evaluation of the tip of standardized D0 gutta percha cones of four Rotary systems, by means of an endodontic ruler

<div><p>ABSTRACT Objective : This study aimed to evaluate the D0 diameter of standardized gutta-percha cones for four mechanized systems: ProTaper Universal®, Mtwo®, Wave One® and Reciproc®. Methods: An endodontic calibrator ruler was used to measure the D0 diameter of 60 main cones of the above systems. Measurements were made according 3 scores as follows: gutta-percha cone fits exactly into the same hole as the endodontic ruler gauge (score 1), cone falls short of the ruler gauge whole size (score 2); or exceeding the ruler gauge hole size (score 3). The diameters D0 obtained were compared with the values reported by manufacturers. All data were analyzed by means of T Test, at 1% level of significance. Results: The average value measured was significantly higher than the measures established by manufacturers (p <0.001). Conclusion : The gutta-percha cones of ProTaper Universal® systems Mtwo®, Wave One® and Reciproc® were not standardized, except for R40 cone of the Reciproc® system (Reciproc®). The trend was for variation in the D0 Diameter towards increasing measurement values.</p></div>