Evaluation of the mechanical and thermal properties of PHB/canola oil films

<div><p>Abstract Packages are essential for the food processing industry. Among the innovative alternatives there is antimicrobial packaging, which aims to reduce or inhibit microbial growing on the food surface. One potential to produce this type of package is poly(3-hydroxybutyrate)-PHB additivated with canola oil. In this work, films of PHB additivated with canola oil were produced in different compositions. Mid-infrared records, tensile mechanical testing and thermal analyses were performed on the films. The results of the mechanical tests indicated that the addition of canola oil to the polymeric matrix of PHB increases the material flexibility. The thermal analyses results showed that the addition of canola oil changes the thermal properties of PHB, such as the melting and crystallization temperatures, maximum crystallization rate and relative crystallinity. The knowledge of these properties is fundamental for the manufacturing process of polymeric materials, due to the specifications required for these materials in the intended applications.</p></div>