Evaluation of radiofrequency electronic system in intraoperative monitoring of surgical textiles

<div><p>ABSTRACT Objective To test performance of SurgiSafe®, a radiofrequency electronic device to detect surgical textiles during operations as compared to manual counting. Methods Surgical sponges with radiofrequency TAGs were placed in the abdominal cavity of a pig submitted to laparotomy, in randomly distributed sites. The TAGs were counted manually and also using SurgiSafe®. Positive and negative predictive values, sensitivity, specificity and time required for counting were analyzed for both methods. Results Through the analysis of 35 surgical cycles, SurgiSafe® immediately identified all sponges, with specificity, sensitivity, positive and negative predictive values of 100%. Although not statistically significant, the manual count had sensitivity of 99.72% and specificity of 99.90%. Conclusion SurgiSafe® proved to be an effective device to identify surgical sponges in vivo, in real time; and its use as an adjuvant to manual counting is very helpful to increase patient's safety.</p></div>