Evaluation of epithelial and mesenchymal gene expression profiles in lungs from ΔEpiJNK1 mice, or control groups subjected to adTGFβ1-induced lung fibrosis.

Analysis of mesenchymal (A) or epithelial (B) mRNA expression in homogenized lung tissue from mice exposed to adTGFβ1 for 3 weeks. Results were normalized to the housekeeping gene cyclophilin, and are expressed as fold expression changes (+/- SEM) compared to the WT vehicle control groups. (WT- Jnk1: AdCtr n = 6, adTGFβ1 n = 8, ΔEpi Jnk1: AdCtr n = 5, adTGFβ1 n = 8 respectively mice/group from 2 independent experiments). * p< 0.05 compared to the adCtr control groups. p< 0.05 compared to respective WT groups. (ANOVA). C: Evaluation of mesenchymal proteins (α-SMA (Acta2) and Col1a1 in lungs from ΔEpi Jnk1 mice or control groups (WT mice) subjected to adTGFβ1-induced lung fibrosis. Homogenized lung tissues were subjected to Western blot analysis for the indicated proteins. β-actin: Loading control. Shown are results from individual mice.