Evaluation of Lubricating Properties of Diesel Based Fuels Micro Emulsified With Glycerin

<div><p>The mineral diesel oil sold in Brazil, due to environmental reasons; presents sulfur concentration of 10 ppm, which causes a deficiency of lubricity, since sulfur is one of the chemical species that gives a good lubricating characteristic. Poor lubricity affects performance and causes failure of engine parts. This study aimed to evaluate the use of glycerin as an antiwear additive by means of tribological tests of the mineral diesel S10 B7 and 10 formulations of diesel based fuels, microemulsified with 0% (distilled water), 7.5% and 15% of glycerin solution. The formulations were subjected to lubricity tests on HFRR (Hight Frequency Reciprocating Rig) under hydrodynamic lubrication conditions, according to the ASTM D-6079 standard. The results showed that the increased concentration of glycerin added to diesel S10 B7 contributes to improved lubricity and wear reduction.</p></div>