Ethyl lucidenates A reverses P-glycoprotein mediated vincristine resistance in K562/A02 cells

<p>Multidrug resistance is a major unresolved obstacle to successful cancer chemotherapy. It is often associated with an elevated efflux of a variety of anticancer drugs by ATP-binding cassette transporters including P-glycoprotein, BCRP and MRP1. In this study, the reversal effect of Ethyl lucidenates A on K562/A02 cells was investigated. At concentrations of 10 μM, Ethyl lucidenates A could reverse the resistance of K562/A02 to vincristine up to 7.59 folds. Mechanistically, Ethyl lucidenates A could increase the intracellular accumulation of vincristine in K562/A02 cells through inhibiting the P-glycoprotein mediated drug-transport activity by rhodamine accumulation assay and cell cycle analysis. Further mechanistic investigation found that Ethyl lucidenates A did not alter P-glycoprotein expression. In conclusion, Ethyl lucidenates A could reverse the multidrug resistance of K562/A02 cells via its influence on P-glycoprotein drug-transport activity and thus, be a potential multidrug resistance reversal agent.</p>