Estimating cosmological parameters from observational data

2017-12-01T03:09:43Z (GMT) by Gival Pordeus da Silva Neto
<p></p><p>In this work, it is performed statistical analyzes capable of estimating the current value of some of the main cosmological parameters, in particular, the rate of expansion of the Universe H0(Hubble Constant), the density of matter Ω0,m, the density of dark energy Ω0,Λ, the age of the Universe t0 and the deceleration parameter q0. In addition, it is discussed important observables as the Baryon Acoustic Oscillations and the Hubble Parameter, besides the Chi-square Method and some basic concepts and equations of Cosmology. From the detailed description presented it is intended to give an idea to non-specialists of how these values can be obtained from observational data available in the literature. Lastly it is performed a comparison of the results obtained in this work with those obtained by large international groups as the Planck Collaboration and the WMAP. The results are very restrictive and in agreement with those estimated by Planck Collaboration and the WMAP.</p><p></p>