Essentials Of The Theory Of Abstraction - Lecture

2012-09-19T07:32:49Z (GMT) by Subhajit Ganguly

In not favouring solutions or sets of solutions, the principle of zero-postulation drives away any unwanted incompleteness from the description of the world. It is the interactions between the possible exhaustive set of solutions that creates the impression pointedness or directiveness in the universe, leading to the formation of clusters, as discussed earlier. These interactions may be chaotic in nature, giving rise to attractor points where the directiveness inside any given system asymptotically seem to approach. It is this directiveness, in turn, inside a given system or in the universe as a whole, that is the cause of all known phenomena. This directiveness of possibilities saves the universe from being exactly the same throughout, but makes it heterogeneously active, as we see it to be.