Essential oil constituents, phenolic content and antioxidant activity of <i>Lavandula stricta</i> Delile growing wild in southern Iran

2016-03-09T22:40:02Z (GMT) by Ardalan Alizadeh Zahra Aghaee
<p><i>Lavandula stricta</i> belongs to the Lamiaceae family and is considered as an endemic medicinal plant in southern Iran. Essential oil composition, total phenolic content and antioxidant activity from two different populations of <i>L. stricta</i> were studied for the first time. A GC and GC/MS analysis of essential oil isolated from the aerial part of <i>L. stricta</i> identified 31 constituents; the major constituents were α-pinene (58.34–63.52%), linalool (8.85–9.36%), 3-methyl butyl 2-methyl butanoate (7.45–7.70%), sabinene (2.84–3.56%), limonene (2.87–3.21%) and myrcene (2.25%). The total phenolic content of methanolic extracts was determined with the Folin–Ciocalteu reagent and the antioxidant activity of methanolic extract and essential oil were determined with the 2, 2-diphenyl-1-picryl hydrazyl free radical scavenging assay, respectively. Total phenols varied from 61.05 to 64.45 mg GAE/g dry weight, and IC<sub>50</sub> values in the radical scavenging assay ranged from 334.11 to 395.23 μg/mL in methanolic extracts and 420–475 μg/mL in essential oil.</p>