Essence of Software Engineering - The Board Game

This is an educational board game intended to teach the basics of the Essence Theory of Software Engineering. The board game was used in an academic study found on arXiv (

In the light of the findings of the study, we suggest that the board game can be used to teach a method agnostic approach to SE, as well as the importance of communication and teamwork in SE projects. It is likely best-suited for teaching newer IT students SE project work as more senior students are likely to get less out of the game.

The game itself is played as a team against the game board. It is best played in teams of 4-5 as the game does not scale well with the amount of players, meaning the more players a team has the easier the game is to win. All the materials needed to play the game, including the detailed instructions, are found in the files of this contribution.

More specifically: - Contains all the cards to be printed
Print_template.pptx - Shows an example of how to handle printing the cards via powerpoint
Gameboard.pdf - Contains the game board for the game
Rulebook.pdf - Contains the rule book