Equine cartilage secretome 5 days IL-1 treatment in vitro; Progenesis semi tryptic peptides measurements file for input into the Neopeptide Analyser

Progenesis semitryptic peptide file for use as input into Neopeptide Analyser.

Experiment n=8 equine metacarpophalangeal cartilage explants from grossly normal joints treated in vitro with 10ng/ml IL-1 for 5 days. Secretome samples collected and pooled for 5 days. Media samples trypsin digested and run on an Orbitrap-Velos mass spectrometer. Raw files input into Progenesis QIP and label-free quantification undertaken with Mascot used to search for semi-tryptic peptides. Peptide measurements output file from ProgenesisQIP is then used as the  input file into the 'Neopeptide Analyser' for neopeptide identification. Progenesis QIP peptide measurements file is for input into Neopeptide App for neopeptide identification.