Entity Normalization

2019-06-04T17:48:51Z (GMT) by Leigh Weston
These json documents contain mappings for materials science entity normalization. Each entity is mapped onto the most frequently occurring synonym that is not an acronym.

We provide entity normalization for materials science properties (pro), applications (apl), sample descriptors (dsc), symmetry/phase labels (spl), synthesis methods (smt), and characterization methods (cmt).

Each term will have a "most common" entity to which it can be mapped. Sub entities are also included which have also been normalized.

*Please note: entities that occur infrequently in our corpus are unlikely to be normalized (and less likely to be normalized correctly). In-line with Zipf's law for NLP, infrequently occurring entities make up the largest portion of unique entities in the corpus, and so a large fraction of entiites in these json files are not normalized. However, frequently occurring terms like "XRD" are very likely to be normalized and should be normalized correctly.