Engineering Biology Problems Book

2017-03-15T17:29:50Z (GMT) by Ilya Klabukov
The Engineering Biology Problems Book contains the physical, biomedical and engineering tasks with biological solutions will bring benefit to the all mankind. The Problems Book consists of seven chapters according to applications of biological technologies to various parties of actual and perspective human activity: wellness and life extension, transformation of nature and human enhancement. Descriptions of tasks are devoted to biological object modification methods and versions of the application of engineered biosystems for the solution of biomedical, industrial, agricultural, ethical and other problems. Solving of the offered tasks can be based on original use of advanced molecular and cellular technologies, including genome editing systems (CRISPR/Cas9, TALEN, ZFN), synthetic receptors, biomaterials, etc. The Book is intended for students with engineering mentality who are wishing to find oneself in designing of super-systems of the new industry of biotechnological superiority. Notes: Downloadable document is available in Russian.