Emotion Science Symposium

2014-09-04T03:42:30Z (GMT) by Michael Philipp
<p>Presnted at the 2014 New Zealand Psychological Society conference in Nelson, NZ.</p> <p><br>Presentations: </p> <p>Smiling to Smiles After Exclusion: Social Rejection Enhances Affiliative Signalling. presenter: Michael Philipp, Massey University.</p> <p>Emoticons as genuine expressions of emotion. presenter: Tracey Bear, Massey University.</p> <p>Do Hypoxia-driven Changes in Mood Affect Cognition? presenter: Stephen Hill, Massey University.</p> <p>Predictably regretful: A comparison of the effects of time, domain, justification, and life rule contradiction on the intensity of regrets. presenter: Matt Williams, Massey University.</p> <p>The effect of gender and cognitive errors on depressive symptoms in adolescence. presenter: Tatiana Tairi, Massey University.</p>