EmojiGrid affective odor responses

2019-03-15T15:57:58Z (GMT) by Alexander Toet
. Observers (N=56, 24 males, mean age=24.3±4.6) sniffed 40 randomly presented odors (27 food and 13 non-food smells) with a wide range of perceived hedonic valences, ranging from unpleasant and arousing (e.g., feces, fish), via pleasant and calming (e.g., clove, cinnamon) to pleasant and stimulating (e.g., peach, caramel). After sniffing, the participants reported their affective appraisal of each odor using the EmojiGrid. This Excels sheet lists the resulting mean valence and arousal ratings (with their SD values), together with corresponding mean ratings that were obtained with alternative rating tools in previous studies in the literature.