Emission Color Tuning and Deep Blue Dopant Materials Based on 1,6-Bis(N-phenyl-p-(R)-phenylamino)pyrene

Panchromatic 1,6-bis(N-phenyl-p-(R)-phenylamino)pyrenes, 2R, were obtained from Buchwald−Hartwig coupling reactions between N-phenyl-p-(R)-phenylamines and 1,6-dibromopyrene. The photophysical properties of 2R corresponded well to the electron-withdrawing and -donating nature of the diarylamine substituents, exhibiting a full color visible range between 454 and 620 nm. In particular, a deep blue 2CN showed a high radiative rate constant of 2.85 × 108 s−1 with high emission quantum efficiency of 79%. Further applications of 2CN as a blue dopant were attempted using multilayer organic light-emitting devices. A maximum efficiency of 3.98 cd/A with CIE coordinates of x = 0.14, y = 0.10 were obtained.