Electrophorograms of the RT-PCR products of NER genes in <i>Ca</i>. Vesicomyosocius okutanii (Vok) and the symbiont of <i>C</i>. <i>pacifica</i> (Cpac_S).

<p>A, Cpac_S; B, Vok. Expression of NER-related genes was analyzed by RT-PCR. Lane 1, <i>uvrA</i>; lane 2, <i>uvrB</i> or corresponding DNA region; lane 3, <i>uvrC</i> or corresponding DNA region; lane 4, <i>uvrD</i>; lane 5, <i>uvrDp</i>; lane 6, <i>recA</i>; lane 7, <i>mfd</i>; lane 8, 16S rRNA gene; lane 9, 16S rRNA gene negative control (with RNase treatment before RT PCR). M, molecular markers. Primers and the predicted lengths of amplicons are shown in <a href="http://www.plosone.org/article/info:doi/10.1371/journal.pone.0171274#pone.0171274.s003" target="_blank">S3 Table</a>. Red arrowheads indicate the position of a band where no signal was detected.</p>