Electromagnetic Spectrum Detection Limits/Zones

2014-01-15T15:30:35Z (GMT) by Gilbert Beaudry

The errors of perception have always been a problem for mankind and only by using science methodologies can the errors be corrected.

Scientific revolutions are created when somebody is able to correct an observable contemporaneous phenomenon with true explanations and conclusions.

New principles and laws descried from the experimentum crucis reveal that the universe is really a universe of detectable energy levels that require the use of observation principles for an earth observer to utilize to overcome errors of perception and explain contemporaneous phenomenon.

I invite you to join The Laboratory Electromagnetic Spectrum Experimentum Crucis Project to collaborate together on your projects utilizing the observation principles and the knowledge of the electromagnetic spectrum detection limits and zones.

Plans of Action:

1. Read the science paper on Figshare.com

2. Use the link below to join.

3. or, email gb@PhysicsOfUniverse.com