Effects of prolarval ages on recovery time after the anesthetic treatment with 200 mg/L of MS-222.

2018-12-31T19:01:43Z (GMT) by Eun Jeong Kim Yoon Kwon Nam

Elapsed times to 10% (R10), 50% (R50) and 100% (R100) of fish (N = 20 per replicate; three replicates per age group) recovered were estimated with different age groups (Day 0 to Day 5). Mean ± SD with different letters (a-c) indicate the statistical difference at P < 0.05 based ANOVA followed by Tukey’s post hoc analysis. In contrast to recovery times, times to induction of anesthesia were not significantly influenced by ages of prolarvae (S5 Fig). Size of prolarvae and data on post-recovery viability are provided in S2 and S3 Tables, respectively. Age-dependent pattern of recovery time was also observable in prolarvae anesthetized with lidocaine (S6 Fig).