Effects of neonatal overfeeding on the ghrelin pituitary signalling long-term.

<p>A) Neonatal pituitary growth hormone secretagogue receptor (<i>Ghsr</i>); n = 8 CL P7, CL P14, 7 SL P7, 6 SL P14, and B) pituitary ghrelin O-acyl transferase (GOAT; <i>Mboat4</i>) mRNA expression; n = 7 CL P7, SL P7, CL P14, 6 SL P14. C) Adult pituitary <i>Ghsr</i> and D) pituitary <i>Mboat4</i> mRNA expression in control (CL) and neonatally overfed (SL) rats; n = 6 CL, 8 SL. Data are mean + SEM. * <i>p</i> < 0.05. <i>Post hoc</i> and t-test differences between the groups are indicated by joining lines and *.</p>