Effects of maternal exposure to extract of <i>Trichilia catigua</i> on antibody production in the offspring of Wistar rats

<p>It was evaluated the effects of maternal treatment with the <i>Trichilia catigua</i> (ExTc) crude extract on the antibodies’ production by their offspring. Female rats received ExTc or saline from the first day of pregnancy until the twenty-first day after the birth of the pups, when the pups were weaned. All pups were inoculated with two doses of 50 μg of IgY diluted in aluminium hydroxide/PBS on days 26 and 40 of life. Antibody levels were analysed by ELISA. Our results show an increase in levels of IgG1 and IgG2a anti-IgY in female offspring of mothers treated with ExTc compared to female offspring of untreated mothers. Furthermore, ExTc treatment suppressed the production of IgG2a anti-IgY antibodies in males. The data show that maternal exposure to ExTc can modulate the production of antibodies in the offspring.</p>