Effects of hormones.

<p><b>A)</b> Stereomicrospic view of testis tissue obtained from a 5.5 dpp <i>Acr-Gfp</i> mouse cultured with BSA + RA, Re + lipids, BSA + RA, Re + lipids + hormones, and AlbuMAX for 15 days; a view of the sample lit from underneath (left) and with GFP-excitation light (right). <b>B)</b> The GFP grade time-courses of CDM containing BSA, RA, Re and lipids (green), hormones of T, LH, FSH, and T3, in addition to BSA, RA, Re, and lipids (light blue), and AlbuMAX (dark red). Single and double asterisks indicate P<0.05 and P<0.01, respectively. <b>C)</b> Histological appearance of cultured tissues with BSA including lipids, RA, and hormones on culture day 35. <b>D)</b> In dissociated tissues cultured with CDM containing the hormones, haploid cells were identified as exhibiting <i>Acr</i>-GFP condensation (arrow) and the formation of a cap-like structure (arrowhead). Dashed rectangles in the left panel are enlarged in the right panel. Scale bar: 50 γm.</p>