Effective implementation of new technologies in the Australian manufacturing industries

2017-04-10T03:11:04Z (GMT) by Mohini Lata Singh
The research reported in this thesis is about the implementation and management of new technologies in the Australian manufacturing industries. New technologies refer to technologies that are computer-based, thus programmable. The research was conducted in four phases.<br><br>The first phase included an intensive literature review on all aspects of planning, implementation and utilisation of new computer-based technologies. This part of the research identified a number of factors that contribute to successful technology implementation, diffusion and exploitation of technology. It also highlighted the fact that although a large number of Australian manufacturing establishments had resorted to new computer-based technologies to improve competitiveness, effective implementation and management of these technologies was required to maximise benefits. Technology benefits and common implementation problems were also identified from the literature. <br><br>The second phase entailed five case studies of companies that implemented a new technology between 1991 and 1993. While a review of the literature was important to establish the research problem, case studies were conducted to understand issues concerning technology management and implementation among companies in Australia. This part of the research identified some of the benefits of technology achieved, factors that contributed to success and problems experienced by the five companies. An attempt was made to examine different types of technologies in different types of industries, however, the companies chosen depended on their willingness to cooperate in this research. <br><br>The third phase of this research was a national postal questionnaire survey. It was inaugurated merely to confirm the findings of the case studies. A postal questionnaire survey provided the means to investigate technology issues in a larger sample of companies. Quantitative analysis of the mail survey responses further confirmed the benefits of technology attained, success factors and problems associated with the implementation and management of new technologies. <br><br>The fourth phase of the research was presentation of the implementation model developed in response to the findings of the previous two phases to four companies that had recently implemented a new computer-based technology. This part of the research was accomplished via face-to-face interviews. The purpose of this part of the research was to attain industry response on the validity, usefulness and practicality of the model. [...]