Direction of shift in events following treatment.

<p>A) Schematic of direction of event shifts for a given Ψ and ΔΨ. Shown for 5 event types.B) These plots indicate the direction of shift for 3 event types: SE (left), RI (middle) and AFE (right). Each plot shows 78 environments for whichthese events were tested. The height of each bar shows the proportion of significant event shifts for each environment and the dotted line indicatesthe average proportion of significant events across environments. Each bar is then broken in two with the shaded region showing the proportion ofthe significant changes that shifted towards a positive ΔΨ (inclusion of exon, intron or upstream AFE) while the white region of each bar is theproportion of sites with a negative ΔΨ. The column of boxes shows if there is a departure from the expected 50:50 for positive to negative ΔΨ(tested using a binomial test). Red denotes enrichment for ΔΨ > 0 and blue for ΔΨ < 0).</p>