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Effect of a 7 d course of daily saline (CONT) or corticosterone at dose of 5 mg/kg BW (CORT) injections on the plasma concentration of total protein (A), free T3 hormone (B), AST (C) and ALT (D) in broiler chickens during the treatment course (0, 3 and 7 d after the start of injection) and one week after cessation of the treatment (14 d after the start of injection).

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posted on 24.02.2017 by Gamal M. K. Mehaisen, Mariam G. Eshak, Ahmed M. Elkaiaty, Abdel-Rahman M. M. Atta, Magdi M. Mashaly, Ahmed O. Abass

Data express the mean ± SEM (n = 5). Means within a treatment group with different letters (a, b, c) are significantly different at P<0.05.*Significant difference between treatment groups within each time of the treatment course (P<0.05).