Effect of FGF23 administration on mineral and hormonal levels.

<p>Urinary and plasma concentrations of Pi <b>(A and B)</b> and Ca<sup>2+</sup> <b>(C and D)</b> as well as plasma levels of PTH <b>(E)</b>, endogenous FGF23 <b>(F)</b>, 1,25(OH)<sub>2</sub>D <b>(G)</b> and recombinant human FGF23 <b>(H)</b> were measured in samples from mice injected with recombinant human FGF23 (rhFGF23) once a day for two consecutive days (black bars) and the respective vehicle treated controls (white bars). Graphs show mean ± SD (n = 5-6/group) and data was analyzed by unpaired student’s t-test with significant p values indicated as: * p ≤ 0.05 and ** p ≤ 0.01.</p>