Educational policy, poverty and education: a portrait of the assistance to students who are beneficiaries of the Bolsa Família Program in Paraná

ABSTRACT This article presents an initial reading about how the beneficiaries of the Bolsa Família Program in the state of Paraná are distributed, based on data of 2014 from the System Bank Presença, compared to the School Census of the same year. This allows for the construction of a map about the conditions of school’s offerings. For this, the conditions assured to the students have been considered, from information taken about the working conditions of the teachers (work contract and teacher training), and the state of the schools’ infrastructure, (library, internet access, broadband connection, computer lab and sports court). The objective is to problematize the conditions of equity in the construction of educational policy, starting from the assumption that confronting the educational inequalities in Brazil imply recognizing that the poor are in the public scholar system and also that schoolwork has objective significance for the construction of an inclusive and qualitative experience for the educational journey of this population.