Editorial and front matter: Colloquy, Issue 19, June 2010

2017-05-22T04:34:14Z (GMT) by Colloquy
<div>Issue 19 of <i>Colloquy: text, theory, critique </i>is a general issue. A wide range of topics is traversed: from translation to "coming out," the predicaments of late capitalism to the construction of memory, with references that range through Benjamin, Derrida, Sebald and Peirce. The issue is completed by a number of book reviews. The editors wish to thank the many referees who made this issue possible.</div><div><br></div><div>This issue sees the debut of three new Editors-in-Chief: David Blencowe, Timothy Chandler and Catherine Ryan. Accordingly, the editorial team wishes to acknowledge the contribution made to<i> Colloquy</i> by outgoing Editor-in-Chief, Geoff Berry. Geoff has given much time, passion and enthusiasm to <i>Colloquy </i>over the last few years, and for this we thank him.</div>