Eddy-centric composite of CHL and SST.

<p>Composite medians of CHL'' (left two columns) and SST anomalies (right two columns) for eddies in water depths in excess of 3,000 m. (A,C) Anticyclones and (B,D) cyclones north of 35°S. (E,G) Anticyclones and (F,H) cyclones south of 35°S. The <i>x</i> and <i>y</i> axes if each panel have been scaled by the horizontal speed-based eddy radial scale <i>L<sub>s</sub></i>. The contours overlaid on each composite are the composite median of SLA at an interval of 3 cm, negative contours shown as dashed curves. Note different colorbar scaling used in the for observations north and south of 35°S.</p>