Ecological data in museums survey results

2014-08-19T17:40:28Z (GMT) by Daniel S. Caetano Anita Aisenberg

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We surveyed scientists working in fields related to ecology, animal behavior, taxonomy, and systematics to investigate how much ecological data taxonomists think should be recorded in the time of a specimen collection and with which frequency ecologists and animal behaviorists use information from museums. We invited 381 researchers representing a range of institutions (e.g., universities, museums, and research facilities), primarily from the United States and Uruguay, to complete a survey. Professors, curators, and post-doctoral associates comprised the majority of participants (62%), followed by graduate students (32%), and undergraduate students (5%). The table "S3_survey_questions.pdf" have the questions used in the on-line survey. The dataset "S3_survey_results.csv" have the results of the survey.



CC BY 4.0