Ebola in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

2012-08-23T17:40:11Z (GMT) by Glenn Lawyer
<p>Ebola strikes again. We again map the affected country along with its road network. The disease, however, is unlikely to spread further. It kills too fast, and does not transmit broadly. Contact with body fluids from an infected person is required. Thus while we continue to believe that the most likely route of transmission would be along road networks, we do not think that this is a measurable risk.</p> <p>Do keep in mind, however, that our assement also presupposes the continued hard work of organizations such as Doctors without Borders in providing care to the afflicted and in tracking contacts to identify other potential vicitms.</p> <p>The map was produced in R. Data comes from Humanitarian Response (<a href="http://cod.humanitarianresponse.info/">http://cod.humanitarianresponse.info/</a>).</p>