Eastern extension of the geographic range of Mico emiliae

<div><p>ABSTRACT The distribution of the callitrichids inhabiting the Tapajós-Xingu interfluvium is still poorly understood, probably because of the limited number of studies in this remote region. Mico emiliae is a callitrichid endemic to Brazil, occurring between the Jamanxim and Teles Pires rivers, and Serra do Cachimbo in the west and Iriri River in the east, in the states of Pará and Mato Grosso. However, its current distribution is still uncertain. After ca. 430-km surveys in Serra do Pardo National Park, we successfully confirmed the occurrence of this species for the first time approximately 180 km east of its previously known eastern limit in Pará. Our records expand the distribution of M. emiliae to the left bank of the Xingu River, increasing the known extent of its occurrence by 83%.</p></div>