ABSTRACT Objective: This study evaluated the physical and functional characteristics of Turkish patients with knee osteoarthritis and how this disease affects their physical and functional status. Methods: This study included 320 patients, who were evaluated to assess body mass index (BMI) and Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) score in terms of age, sex and functional characteristics. Results: Mean patient age was 66.92±8.89 years and mean BMI was 31.02±5.20 kg/m2. Mean patient HSS score was 58.70±11.08. According to their sit-to-stand test results, 33% of the patients (n=104) were found to be independent. There was a significant relationship between BMI and functional activity score (p<0.05). Conclusions: The majority of the patients in our study were female and obese, and had low functionality levels. Function in patients with OA is restricted as a result of excess weight, so preventive measures can help Turkish patients with OA maintain their ideal weight. Furthermore, patient education can be help this population acquire the habit of regular exercise in order to reduce pain and improve their physical activity and quality of life. Level of Evidence IV, Case Series.