Drybonioside, a new glucoside from the <i>Drynaria bonii</i> H. Christ Rhizomes

<div><p><i>Drynaria bonii</i> H. Christ, a Vietnam traditional medicinal plant, is used for the treatment of osteoporosis, bone fractures, tinnitus, etc. (Ho PH. 2002. Vietnamese plants. Hanoi: Publisher of Young; Loi DT. 2004. Medicinal plants and remedy of Vietnam. Hanoi: Publisher of Medicine). Based on column chromatography, a new glucoside named drybonioside (<b>5</b>) and four known compounds α-tocopherol (<b>1</b>), 24-methylencycloartan-3β-ol (<b>2</b>), triphyllol (<b>3</b>) and ethyl β-d-fructopyranoside (<b>4</b>) were isolated and identified from hexane and methanol extracts of <i>D. bonii</i>. The structures of new compound were elucidated on the basis of NMR and MS spectroscopic analysis.</p></div>