Drosophila melanogaster wing images from genetic manipulations of planar cell polarity and tissue growth genes (UAS-genex.RNAi and NP6333-GAL4)

2018-03-13T16:28:03Z (GMT) by Ian Dworkin
These are images of Drosophila melanogaster wings from RNAi knockdowns (using VDRC RNAi lines) crossed to the NP6333-GAL4 line (also known as the Pen-GAL4 line). These crosses (and images) were done just to test the lines. The UAS-narrow.RNAi did not seem to work, but all the other ones did.

Crosses were performed by Runyang Yin in the Dworkin lab at McMaster University.

All crosses were done at 24°C in a Percival Growth Chamber (12:12 light cycle). Adult flies were stored in 70% ethanol prior to dissection in 70% glycerol/PBS (with a drop of phenol as a bacterio-static agent).

All images were taken on an Olympus BX-43 microscope with a 4X objective (40X total magnification). The objective is UPlanSApo (NA 0.16. FN26.5). Images were captured on an Olympus DP80 digital camera using Olympus cellSenStandard software (v1.14).

Image resolution pixels: 4080 x 3072
Image size actual: 2.2 mm x 1.7 mm
537.5 nm/pixel
24bit RGB (8 bit/channel)

genes manipulated

narrow (not really PCP or growth, but has an effect on morphogenesis). Note this construct did not seem to do much, so these pictures may not really be a manipulation of narrow. We re-ordered it and the new strain had much clearer effects.

starry night (stan)
Van Gogh (vang)