Time-lapse movie of Drosophila melanogaster embryogenesis

2013-12-24T09:14:37Z (GMT) by Karl R Wotton
<p>This movie shows the embryonic development of <em>Drosophila melanogaster</em> from an egg until the hatching of the larva.</p> <p><em>D. melanogaster</em> embryos were collected after 5–10min laying time, and dechorinated for 1min 30sec in 50% bleach. For imaging I brushed the dechorinated embryos onto a microscopy slide and covered them with a drop of 10S voltalef oil ensuring that they did not dry out. Live imaging started around 10–20 min after egg laying. The slide was placed on a temperature-controlled platform at 25C, and the embryo imaged with a Leica DM6000B upright compound microscope using a 20x objective, DIC optics, and time intervals of every 1min.</p> <p>Note that the time stamp indicates the time after imaging was started and not the time from egg laying. Additionally, development proceeds slightly slower when imaging under oil.</p>