Drosophila compensatory evolution - net and rhomboid

2018-03-13T16:53:14Z (GMT) by Ian Dworkin Sudarshan Chari
These are images (raw data) associated with our compensatory evolution project. Mutations (in the net and rhomboid genes respectively) were introduced and fixed into a large natural population of Drosophila melanogaster from the Fenn Valley Winery and vinyard (Fennville, MI, USA) via introgressions. Populations were then allowed to adapt either by natural selection (experimental evolution) or by artificially selecting for wild type like wing phenotypes to enable compensatory evolution. These specific images are from crosses among the replicates of the artificial selection lineages (and among the replicates for the net and rhomboid mutations), to assess aspects of the genetic architecture of the response to artificial selection.

Please note that this description is incomplete. It will be completed once all images are uploaded.