2016-02-06T21:14:14Z (GMT) by Ian Dworkin
Document created Feb 5th 2016

This folder contains images of wings from various Drosophila species. These were taken between 2004-2006 by Ian Dworkin in the lab of Greg Gibson at North Carolina State University. These were all taken on the Nikon Eclipse microscope with a Spot camera system.

For some reason the images from the different simulans, sechellia and mauritiana strains  were saved as low resolution.jpg not as .tiff.

Additionally, I did not put scale bars on each image (it is possible that at that time, the software did not allow it), and I  did not record that information in the same folder as I backed up on my CDs back in 2005.

However for basic shape information, these can still be useful.

The _M or _F after the species name refers to the sex of the individuals



CC BY 4.0