Domestic stock and use of medicines by children in the Jequitinhonha Valley, Minas Gerais, Brazil

<p></p><p>ABSTRACT The domestic stock and the drug use by children and adolescents from 20 municipalities of the Vale do Jequitinhonha (MG) were evaluated by means of a population-based domestic survey. Descriptive analysis and association tests were performed. Of the 1.237 drugs found, 27% were in easily accessible places. There was no association between the professions related to the health area of the responsible for the use. The instruction degree ≤ 4 years of study appears to be at higher risk. The prevalent drugs were analgesic/antipyretic, histamine H1 antagonist and antibiotics. The data show a high prevalence of domestic stock with risks for children, and educational actions are required in the region.</p><p></p>