Doctor of Philosophy Thesis in Military Informatics : Lethal Autonomy of Weapons is Designed and/or Recessive

2016-12-13T11:39:15Z (GMT) by Nyagudi Musandu Nyagudi
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My original contribution to knowledge is : Any weapon that exhibits intended and/or untended lethal autonomy in targeting and interdiction – does so by way of design and/or recessive flaw(s) in its systems of control – any such weapon is capable of war-fighting and other battle-space interaction in a manner that its Human Commander does not anticipate. A lethal autonomous weapons is therefore independently capable of exhibiting positive or negative recessive norms of targeting in its perceptions of Discrimination between Civilian and Military Objects, Proportionality of Methods and Outcomes, Feasible Precaution before interdiction and its underlying Concepts of Humanity. This marks the completion of an Open PhD ( #openphd ) project done in sui generis form.