Diverse Intermolecular Interactions in Metal−Organic Frameworks Constructed with the New Supramolecular Synthon Agn−L−Agn(n = 4, 5) (H2L = 2,2′-Bis(prop-2-ynyloxy)biphenyl)

The three silver(I) coordination polymers [(Ag2L)(AgNO3)6(H2O)] (1), [(Ag2L)0.5(AgCF3CO2)4(H2O)2] (2), and [(Ag2L)(AgCF3CO2)7(CH3CN)32-H2O)] (3) have been constructed from the flexible multifunctional dianionic ligand L (H2L = 2,2′-bis(prop-2-ynyloxy)biphenyl), providing experimental evidence of coexisting uncommon intermolecular interactions (cation−π and π−π in 1; cation−π and anion−π in 2; CN···π and C−H···π in 3) that stabilize their framework structures.